Activities & Clubs

At Southwest Public Schools, students have a wide range of interests and passions. Electives, athletics, clubs, field experiences and extracurricular opportunities provide students with exposure to a variety of subjects they might not encounter in the core curriculum. This exposure can help them become more well-rounded individuals and may even spark new interests for collegiate and/or career paths.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Art Club



Chess Club

Coding Club

College Tours

Community Service

Dance Club

Decorating Club

Field Experiences


Gardening Club

Houston Theater District Partnership

National Elementary Honor Society

National Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

Radio Station


Senior Class Committee

Student Council

Travel Club

Aviation & Aerospace Club
Learn about drones, how to fly a plane, aviation mechanics, space travel, how to become a pilot, field trips, and lots more. We have a 4-seat Piper Cherokee plane at Southwest Public Schools Leadership and Global Studies Academy/Southwest Public Schools College and Career Preparatory Academy. To join the Aviation Club please contact Ms. Paula Paradiso at - SWPS Leadership and Global Studies Academy, Ms. Carol Martinez at - SWPS College and Career Preparatory Academy, or Mrs. Tosha Felder-Washington, Aviation Club Advisor at

Robotics Club
Robotics Club participation allows our club members to be exposed to robot concepts and technology. Robotics engineering relies on math, science, creativity and teamwork – all skills that can be used in the classroom and in life.