Our Schools


Each school in our district is an integral change agent within our community – helping the most at-risk and troubled youth learn, grow, and succeed. We pride ourselves on offering students an environment and tools to make them well prepared for life beyond Southwest Schools.


Connection and Specialization

We make it a point to have no class size larger than 25 students. Small school and class sizes create a family-like culture and allow teachers to know their students and adapt to their individual needs.


Learning to Communicate

As the first flagship E-Colors program in education, we are helping our students become better equipped with the tools to interact and socialize respectfully. The E-Colors process helps to identify different personality styles that enable people to better understand those around them. Because of this program, communication has shifted from teachers and parents to teachers and students.


A Culture of Giving

All middle and high school students are required to perform community service within our schools. Whether its volunteering to pick up trash around the campus, organizing books in the library or helping to set-up for school events, our students learn first-hand the importance of giving your time to help others.


Leadership and Participation

Our students are encouraged to explore interests outside the classroom that will allow them to learn about teamwork, leadership, and experimenting with new opportunities. We currently offer the following sports and extra-curricular clubs: robotics, off-shore drilling certification, music, crafting, drama, cosmetology, soccer, volleyball, flag football, cheerleading and exercise.


Bissonnet Elementary

Mangum Elementary

Discovery Middle School

Empowerment High School

The Phoenix School


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