High School Scholarships

Various scholarships are available for our high school students through an application process. Serveral of the scholarships are listed below. See your school’s counselor to learn more.


2020 Bowling Bash Scholarship

Seven (7) scholarships totaling over $3000!

All Southwest Schools seniors at The Phoenix School and Empowerment High School are invited to complete the Bowling Bash Scholarship application. Click the link below and submit the application by May 16 for award consideration.


Dean Scholarship

Four (4) scholarships, $450 each

Students chosen for this award are selected by each Dean, and demonstrate great improvement both academically and personally. Every student has areas of trouble, but those who tackle them head-on are able to see vast improvement.

Other requirements include:

  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Attending school for a minimum of 90 percent of eligible days by last Friday in April.
  • Performing a minimum of 80 hours community service by last Friday in April.
  • Maintaining a clear disciplinary record.


Pay It Forward Scholarship

Two (2) scholarships, $250 each

Students chosen have demonstrated qualities that emphasize the overall goodness of human nature. They understand the importance of looking beyond yourself, and are willing to go the extra mile to help others.

Other requirements include:

  • Assisting others without thinking of themselves.
  • Reporting any suspected negative behavior.
  • Showing a desire to make a positive change in themselves and others.
  • Putting others ahead of themselves.
  • Displaying an overall caring attitude towards others without expecting anything in return.


E-Colors Scholarship

One (1) scholarship of $1,000

The E-Colors program is designed to identify different personality styles that enable people to better understand those around them, thus helping our students become better equipped with the tools to interact and socialize respectfully.

For this scholarship students must submit a 1,500 maximum word essay on the topic: “How has E-Colors transformed me into the leader I am now and how I will take these leaderships skills with me to college and beyond.”


Principal’s Scholarship

Up to Four (4) scholarships, $750 each (Awarded at June and/or December graduations)

Students chosen demonstrate the qualities necessary in leaders. They have taken it upon themselves to act as a good example to their peers on how to be a respectful, successful, and maintain a high level of integrity. This award is selected by Principals of the Middle and High School and The Phoenix Schools.


DREAMer Scholarship

Two (2) Scholarships, $250 each

At Southwest Schools, we believe no student should be denied access to an education. Many of our students are non-US citizens, and here they are treated with the same respect and given the same devotion as any other student.


  • Student must be a non-US citizen
  • Student must maintain a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Student must submit an essay by the last Friday in March, on the topic of “How immigration has impacted their life” with a minimum of 500 words.


Academic Scholarship

Two (2) scholarships, $500 each

We challenge our students everyday to push beyond the limits of their knowledge and encourage them to set goals for themselves to work towards and achieve beyond their time spent at Southwest Schools. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has performed outstandingly in their academic coursework and has exceed expectations.

Requirements include:

  • Maintaining a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • Submitting a minimum 500-word essay by the last Friday in March on the topic: “How will a post-secondary education help me achieve my goals in life?”


Kick-Start Scholarship

Four (4) scholarships, $250 each

We encourage all of our students to pursue their dreams of attending college, and work to provide them with all the tools to get there. We also understand the costs involved with attending college, and want to make sure we can help take some of that stress off our students. This scholarship is given to help cover the cost of any additional college/university expenses (tuition, books, meal plan, etc.).

Requirements include:

  • Maintaining a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Submitting a minimum 250-word essay by the last Friday in March. The topic will be “Why do I have a need for this scholarship?”


James Sheppard Scholarship

Two (2) scholarships, $250 each

Many of the students enrolled in The Phoenix Schools have experienced more obstacles than other students, but many of them exhibit the courage and tenacity to overcome them, and with the support of their parents and Southwest Schools teachers they are able to achieving their high school diploma, and focus on setting goals for life beyond Southwest Schools.

Requirements include:

  • Submitting a minimum 500-word essay that addresses the topic: “Overcoming obstacles and demonstrating fortitude in achieving my high school diploma.”


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