Southwest Schools Bissonnet Elementary Secret Santa

This gift wrapped day was the last day before the winter break started, teachers and staff from our campus gave each other presents in an unforeseen scramble of names. Each one was tasked to give the other a present for Secret Santa, only knowing to whom they give their gifts to, with a to do description of what they like, and nothing more. Basically each participant was tasked to give their target, a gift while trying to figure out who would give them a gift in turn. Preparations began and the days passed, until the advent day came. Organized by Ms. Tomeka Davis, after dismissal everyone whom participated gathered in the cafeteria, with present at hand. In a joyous bout of cheer and laughter, as they attempt to guess who's who and failing at their attempts (mostly). In the end everyone involved received their gift merrily embracing the other. What a lovely day to end the first half of the year, and what else to say other than "Merry Christmas" Bissonnet Elementary here's to a continued awesome rest of the year.