Administrative Staff Directory


E-Color Name Email Role
Armwood, April ED.S,LSSP Chief Innovations
& Academics Officer
Arnold, Hilda Multilingual Director
eperson_bluered Aviles, Yhahaira Executive Administrative Asst.
Bullock, Mayra M.Ed. Chief Human Resources Officer
eperson_bluegreen Castillo, Patricia Assessments/Instructional Materials Coordinator
Catechis, Spyros CEO & Founder
eperson_bluegreen Condit, Kimberly Business Coordinator & Federal Grnts
eperson_bluegreen Elliott, Shevonne Instructional Programs & Support Director
eperson_bluegreen Francis, Erika Ard Facilitator
eperson_greenblue Gokey, Krystal LSSP
Gutierrez, Craig Ed.D. College & Career Readiness Director
eperson_bluegreen Hensley, Pamela LSSP
Hernandez, Natalie HR Specialist
Hill, Phillip Special Education Director
James, Janelle CEO / Superintendent of Schools
Mack, Brenda PEIMS Coordinator
Marsh, Kimberly Business Coordinator & Federal Grants
Martinez, Sandra CNP/Attendance
Mitchell, Taylor Coordinator of Administrative Services
Nguyen, Uyen Coordinator/Evaluation Specialist
Norman, Rose M.Ed. Chief Research & Grants Officer
eperson_redyellow Ray, Roneshia Director of Community Relations and Fund Development
Reyes, Miriam Coordinator of Administrative Services
Reyes, Rosivel Coordinator of Administrative Services
eperson_redyellow Robert, Tamara Teacher Interventionist
eperson_bluegreen Ruiz, Estela Receptionist
eperson_bluegreen Sloan, Valencia Teacher Interventionist
Urban,Tracey Chief Finance, Technology, & Facilities Officer
Villegas, Cynthia Business Coordinator
  Warford, Jennifer ELA/Social Studies Curriculum Specialist