About Us


Southwest Schools is a choice-based Texas education district, opened in 1999, with an understanding that true learning is not based on standardized testing or college entrance, but on offering a fulfilling educational experience that can be adjusted for each student.

Due to our charter district containing elementary schools, sober day programs, residential programs and a combined middle and high school, we are able to accommodate students through the entire life cycle of their education and personal circumstances.


Small school sizes foster an intimate and positive culture within our district. Communication channels are open in all directions, ensuring that students, parents, faculty and staff each have a voice. This close environment allows faculty and staff to develop programs that cater to each individual student’s needs.

We understand a successful education is one where boundaries are overcome, opportunities are experienced and possibility is realized. Regardless of how a student gets here, from the day they start at Southwest Schools we rally around them with the promise of acceptance, encouragement and success.


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