Summer Read Aloud

SWS Summer Read Aloud Challenge

Attention Southwest Schools Students!


Did you know that when you read during the summer you are more likely to leap ahead when you return to school? This is called the “summer leap” and our district wants to make sure your reading skills are sharp and you are ready to move forward next school year.

Starting June 4, 2018, we are encouraging students of Southwest Schools to jump into a book and participate in the Southwest Schools Summer Reading Challenge. The goal is for each student to read as much as possible and you may be eligible to receive a reward at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year.

There are many ways you can participate and gain your reading time. Use the list below to access free books and reading material throughout the summer.

  • A-Z Learning
  • Houston Public Library
  • Epic!
  • Renaissance

 Tune in to Southwest Schools’ Read Aloud every Tuesday (English) and Thursday (Spanish) at 11am on our district social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)!

Make sure you record your time on a reading log which you can get online at or create one on a sheet of paper with a column for the date, book title, and the amount of time you read. When you return to school, bring your reading log and give it to your new teacher. This reading log could make you, your parent, and maybe your class a winner!

Thank you!
Dayna Hennigan
SW Schools Curriculum Specialist for ELA & Social Studies

Join Southwest Schools for a summer of reading and be ready to gain all of the wonderful benefits that reading has to offer!

P R I Z E S !!

Prizes will be given at each campus to 1) the student that read for the most time during the summer, 2) the parent of the student that read the most, and 3) the class that read for the most time during the summer. The prizes for the winners are as follows:

  • Kindle (Student)
  • Gift Card (Parent)
  • Pizza Party (Class)